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Nad-i -All The durud of Shia Muslims — a verse in Arabic.
Naik A petty officer.
Nanirakhai Naming ceremony of new born
Nan Special type of thick and soft bread baked in oven
Naushah Bridegroom.
Nawab An honorific title, to address with respect.
Nazar Vision, sight, supervision, offering, gift from an inferior to a superior.
Nazini An arranger, an administrator, a governor, a viceroy
Nazini-i-Jamiat Irregular troops.
Nazrana A gift, a present especially from an inferior to a superior
Neenia Costume, Mughal.
Nikah Marriage contract, legal marriage.
Nizani An administrator, a viceroy, applied to the Mughal viceroy of the Deccan — to the Nizams or Asaf Jahi ruler.
Nizaniul Mu/k Administrator of the kingdom or State.
Nizamat Office of the Nizam (administrator)
Nasir Jung Son of Nizam-ul-Mulk, Asaf .Jah I. Ruler of Hyderahad ascended the throne on May 23, 1748 killed in the battle against the French 5th December, 1750.
Naqqar Khan-e-AIi The main gate to Chow Mahalla palace, the official residence of the Nizams. Over it the Naubat (kettle drums) played five times a day.
Na,imul-MuIk Administrator of the kingdom or State
Naib Deputy
Naqara large kettledrum taken out on a horse along with the alam (standard). It is bestowed on the recipient of the title of Daula, Raja Bahadur upwards.
Naubat A set of kettle drums, struck at stated hours, a musical hand played at stated intervals before the palace of a king or prince or dignitary.
Nowroz New year’s day according to the Persian calendar, being the day when the Sun enters Aries. The vernal equinox 21st March. This festival was celebrated by the Mughals and the Nizams till 1920. On this day Durbars were held, titles bestowed and jewels distributed to men of rank. The Nowroz Durbar was one of the four principal Durbars of the year.
Nazr A present, an offering, especially one from a subordinate to a superior. The Nazr was from Rs 4 to 21 4shra1is.
Neema Astin A half-sleeved jacket.
Niyai Offering by way of dedication or prayers. On special occasions such as the birthday of the Holy Prophet and the anniversary of the saints delicious dishes were prepared and Fateha was recited and the food distributed amongst the poor and friends and relatives were entertained.

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