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Fakir Poor
Farman A royal order, mandate, a royal grant or degree.
Frash Dressing of the floor, white or colour cloth-spreads on the Floor and carpeted.
Faujdar A district magistrate of the police.
Faujdari Office of the faujdar.
Fatiha Offering prayers in remembrance of some one
Fidya Sacrifice.
Fidwi Servant, devotee. Used in humility in speaking of one’s self.
Firinan or Farman The written command of a king or emperor.
Fidvi Servant, slave; hut only used as a term of humility in speaking of one’s self. e.g. your slave, your humble servant.
Faujdar A magistrate of the police over a large district who took cogniiance of all criminal matters within his jurisdiction and was sometimes employed as receiver general of the revenues. Faujdari: Office of the Faujdar. Fraser, General James Stewart, (1783—1869): Joined the Madras Army 1800; escorted the Mysore Princes to Bengal 1807; after serving in several capacities was appointed as Resident at Hvderahad from September 1838 to December 1852; resigned because of strained relations with Lord l)a lb o us ie

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