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I’d ul Fithr Feasting on Shawwal after fasting during the month of Ramanzan.
I’d ul Adha Feasting the day after the Hal in the month of Zilhilla
lftar Breakfast in the evening before Maghrib prayers.
Inani Gift, free grant, rent free.
lsani Nawisi Patent giving particulars of the prospective bride and bridge groom.
lttehad Unity, union.
lttehad-ul-Mulameen Union of Muslims founded in Hyderrabad in 1928 as “Mijlis Ittihad al Muslameen Manilekat-i-Asafia lslaniia.”
Inam Tenures The word ‘Inam’ means a favour or reward. An Inarn holding was thus a grant of land in which the State had given up its right to the land revenue, or a portion of it, in favour of an individual or an institution, in return for the performance of certain duties, or as a charitable endowment. These grants varied from small isolated fields to whole villages or several villages.
Idgah A platform, sometimes screened or enclosed by a brick wall where the Muslims assemble for prayers on two Ids and sometimes to pray for rains, It is usually situated on the outskirts of a town or village.
IduI-Fitr ‘The Festival of the Breaking of the Fast’. It commences as soon as the month-long fast during Ramazan is over. It falls on the first day of the month of Shawwal. Fitra (alms) is generally given before going out to the ldgah for the Id prayers
Id-uz-Zuha ‘The Festival of Sacrifice’. It is celebrated in commemoration of Prophet Ibrahim’s taking out his son Ismail for sacrifice as an offering to God. An angel removed the boy and placed a sheep which was sacrificed. It is held on the lOth day of the 12th month, Zilhijja. Prayers are offered at the Idgah and on return generally a sheep is sacrificed by the Muslims.
Inam Land Grants of lands held rent free, and in heredity and perpetual occupation.

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