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Indian Newspaper Headlines in 2060:
Kasab dies at 75 in jail of high cholesetrol due to too much biryani. 

Golmaal Part 27 is released. Tusshar Kapoor is still unable to speak or act! 

Sharad Pawar owns half the world. 

Facebook is declared a country. 

A Raja's son is arrested for 16G scam. 

A girl in Delhi travels 50 feet safely. 

"Lakshadweep Cats" to be the 63rd team to join IPL.

On the set of KBC
A guy got stuck on a Rs. 1 crore question. 
He uses phone-a-friend, and chooses 
his girlfriend to ask the answer. 

Amitabh: Hey, you've got 30 seconds 
to answer and your time starts now! 

Boy reads out the question and the 4 options. 

Girl: Mil gaya time tumhe phone karne ka? 
Mujhe tumse koi baat nahi karni! Byeee!! 

Americans invented a machine 2 catch thieves
Americans invented a machine 2 catch thieves.. 

Test started 

America: In 30 mins, 50 caught 

London: In 30 mins, 70 caught 

Spain: In 30 mins 100 caught 

India: In 15 min, 

"Machine stolen!" 


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