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Council of Ministers , Andhra Pradesh

Sri N.Kiran Kumar Reddy
General Administration, Law & Order, Commercial Taxes, Energy, Coal & Boilers, Public Enterprises, Excise & Prohibition,Home, Jails, Fire Services, Sainik Welfare, Printing & Stationary, Roads & Buildings
N.Kiran Kumar Reddy
Constituency: Pileru
Office Address: C Block, 6th Floor, AP Secretariat, Hyderabad
Residence Address: CM Camp Office cum Residence,Begumpet,Hyd
Office Phone: 040-23456698,23452933,23455205,23452498(F)
Residence Phone: Camp Office:23410333,23410666,23410088,23410555(F)
Sri Damodar Raja Narasihma .C
Minister for Higher Education & Technical Education
Damodar Raja Narasihma .C
Constituency: Andole
Office Address: H-Block
Residence Address: Qtr.No.30,Ministers Qtrs Road No.12 Banjara Hills, Hyd
Office Phone: 040-23455998/23450878
Residence Phone: 040-23314944 23386014
Smt Aruna .D.K
Minister for Information & Public Relations, Cinematography, A.P. Film, TV & Theatre Development Corporation
Aruna .D.K
Constituency: Gadwal
Office Address: D Block No:151
Residence Address: Road No.56,Plot No.1176,Jubilee Hills,Hyd
Office Phone: 040-23453220/23450872
Residence Phone: 040-23546793
Sri Anam Ramanarayana Reddy
Finance, Planning, Small Savings, State Lotteries
Sri Anam Ramanarayana Reddy
Constituency: Atmakur
Office Address: D-block No.456, 3 rd floor
Residence Address: Qtr.No.9,Kundan Bagh,Ministers Quarters,Begumpet,Hyd
Office Phone: 040-23454766,23452699/23451335
Residence Phone: 040-23406777,23405777(P)
Smt Aruna Kumari Galla
Minister for Mines & Geology
Aruna Kumari Galla
Constituency: Chandragiri
Office Address: L Block No:205
Residence Address: Plot No.-54,A Road No.11, Film Nagar , Jubilee Hills Hyd.-33
Office Phone: 040-23450855/23453230
Residence Phone: 23547824
Sri Balaraju .P
Minister for Tribal Welfare
Balaraju .P
Constituency: Paderu
Office Address: D Block No:115
Residence Address: Building No.22,Ministers Quarters,Road No.12,Banjara Hills Hyd
Office Phone: 040-23453231/23450328
Residence Phone: 040-23393696
Sri Baswaraju Saraiah
Minister for Backward Classes Welfare
Baswaraju Saraiah
Constituency: Warangal East
Office Address: A Block No:402
Residence Address: FlatNo.802, MS Block Phase-2, Old MLA Quarters, Hyderguda, Hyd
Office Phone: 040-23453206,23457367
Residence Phone:
Sri B. Satyanarayana
Minister for Transport
B. Satyanarayana
Constituency: Cheepurupalle
Office Address: J Block No:301
Residence Address: Bldg.No.7 Ministers Qtrs. Road No.12 Banjara Hills, Hyd
Office Phone: 040-23455976,23450828
Residence Phone: 23313948,23324504,229923(P),Vizianagaram
Sri D.L.Ravindra Reddy
Minister For Health, Family Welfare, APVVP and AP Aids Control Society
D.L.Ravindra Reddy
Constituency: Mydukur
Office Address: H ,Ist floor
Residence Address: Building No.20,Street No.2,Hill Ridge Villas, Gatchibowli, Hyd
Office Phone: 040-23450347,23450723
Residence Phone: 040-23002010 ,23546325
Sri Danam Nagender
Minister for Labour, Employment, Training & Factories, Industrial Training Institutes
Danam Nagender
Constituency: Khairatabad
Office Address: D Block ,Floor 2nd Room No:344
Residence Address: H.No.8-2-387/8/1 MCH No.251, Road No.3 Banjara Hills Hyd
Office Phone: 040-23450708/23450503
Residence Phone: 040-23543155,24745888,23545706
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