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G . Kishan Reddy

Born: 15 May 1964 (age 49)
Political party : BJP
Spouse(s): Kavya
Children: Vaishnavi and Tanmay
Residence : Hyderabad
Religion : Hindu

Early Life

G. Kishan Reddy (born 15 May 1964) is the Andhra Pradesh state president of the Bharatiya Janata Party. He is presently the MLA representing Amberpet assembly segment and is the floor leader of the BJP in the State legislature Born in Timmapur village in Rangareddy district to Swamy Reddy and Andalamma. He did a Diploma in Tool Design from CITD.

Political career

Kishan Reddy started his career as a youth leader in 1987. He was first elected as an MLA from Himayatnagar constituency in 2004 and is elected again in 2009 to Amberpet assembly constituency with a huge majority of over 27,000 votes.He is unanimously elected as the Andhra Pradesh BJP president succeeding Bandaru Dattatreya.


Mr. Kishan Reddy draws a great deal of his inspiration from Indian nationalist and social reform leader, Shri Jayaprakash Narayan (1902-1979). Mr. Reddy also cites Swami Vivekananda as a source where he draws inspiration for qualities such as discipline, openness, honesty and simplicity. Kishan Reddy wholeheartedly supports the BJP goals of National Integrity. As a child when Mr. Kishan Reddy was walking on the road when he first came face to face with some of the relief and development work that the RSS was undertaking. Tremendously influenced by it, Mr. Reddy still claims it to be the catalyst for him joining the Bharatiya Janata Party and cites it as his first ever hair raising experience. The discipline within the RSS, strong commitment to Indian Nationalism had deeply attracted him which then became the seed to Mr. Kishan Reddy's foray into politics.

Student Movements

At the age of 11 when he was in the 6th standard in Upper Primary School, Kishan Reddy participated actively in trying to solve various issues at a local level Kishan Reddy elected as the President of the Upper Primary School in the 6th standard. In college, Kishan Reddy organized agitations to educate students on roles and responsibilities of students and to highlight local governance and administrative issues. Kishan Reddy took the initiative to organize awareness programs that highlighted government apathy towards tackling terrorism. Conducted movements to highlight issues of the Blind and Physically challenged and advocated equal opportunities. President, state union, NATI. Was elected as the President, Students Representative Committee of the Central Institute of Tool Design.

Political Beginning and Inspiration

Heavily influenced by Swami Vivekananda who advocated the principles of unity, nationalism, discipline and the power of collective struggle. Also attracted to the concepts of whole-heartedly supporting a cause one believes in and a person's pursuance of individual perfection which were advocated by Swami Vivekananda. Started his political life with a stint as a party worker in the Youth Division of the Janata party led by the President Jayaprakash Narayan in 1977. As part of the party reorganization and the creation of the Bharatiya Janata Party from the Jana Sangh in 1980, Kishan Reddy began working fulltime for the party to serve the people. Kishan Reddy's political career started as a normal party worker and gradually grew to a National President of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha representing more than 2 crore members

Social service/ activities

Associated actively with a number of social, cultural and philanthropic organisations right from the school days. Participated in a variety of constructive programmes aimed at poverty alleviation among targeted groups, extending help to the needy and enhancing awareness among people about social, political, economical and legal issues. Actively participated in rescue and rehabilitation programmes to help the victims of cyclone, foods and the earthquakes.

Last Updated on : 23-May-2013

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