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Yuva Seva HH4P NARMY
Street Cause Bachpan Bachao Make a Difference


A Non-Government Organization.

  • To plant more and more trees, educate people about why to plant trees, donate trees for people willing to grow but can’t afford, motivate youngsters and children to grow trees and teach them to love trees
  • To help the poor and needy, to help the poor children to get educated, support orphanages and old age homes, help the physically and mentally disabled. Work to abolish child labour.
  • To encourage youngsters to donate blood, and educate them about how useful their blood could be in saving someone’s life. And to educate people about what is eye donation and how could their eyes come to use to a blind person after their death.
  • To act against all anti social elements in the society like eve-teasing, ragging, and child labour...
  • To develop the members of the organisation by conducting seminars, personality development classes, vocabulary classes, and many more various skill development activities for their self development to make them well behaved and intellectual personalities for their future.

    Contact Us:

  • Kiran : 9989118833