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Organ Donation

A large number of patients are awaiting suitable organ donors with severe illnesses. Daily 10-100 people meet with accidents in and around Hyderabad. Out of them some people are brain dead. If we gather body parts from brain dead individuals in time, we can save lives of minimum 5 people. But lack of knowledge on organ donation by those who are willing to donate organs and those who need them due to lack of proper information does not help.
In Hyderabad Government and Private Medical centers, Medical center Groups are not talking about Brain Death. If they inform the loved ones regarding Brain death, it will be very useful to patients those who are waiting for Organ Donation.
In Hyderabad, Organ Transplantation service is available in Two Government Hospitals (NIMS and Osmania) and more than 10 Corporate Medical centers. We can transplant body parts like Renal, Liver organ, Heart, Respiratory system, Pancreatic, Skin, Bone, Digestive system and Eye (Cornea) from Brain Dead Patients. more details about Organ Donation & online resources