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Jamsheed, the second king, erected his tomb on the south-western side of his father’s. It is one of the most impressive and well-proportioned tomb although not as huge as those of his successors. The tomb is octagonal, set on a high-square platform. The two balconies give an impression of a two storeyed division. There is a hemispherical dome set in a lotus petalled cup and crowned by a 4.5 metre-high copper flint with a pointed tip. Jamsheed died on 22nd January 1550 According to the inscription, the tank which was built by lady Khanum Agha, daughter of Mir Maqsud Ali Tabataba, was awarded by the reigning sovereign (Muhammad Qutb Shah VI) to Shah Khundkar. Khanum Agha was the wife of Prince Mirza Muhammad Amin (son of Ibrahim Qutb Shah IV) and mother of Muhammad Qutb Shah VI.

This tank is now-a-days called the ‘tank of Ma Saheba’ and ‘Ma Saheba’ was the by-name of Hayat BakshiBegurn (wife of Muhammad Qutb Shah VI) mother of Sultan Abdullah VII, who had built the village of Hayatnagar. It appears to have been the practice to give this name to all the Queen- mothers of the Qutb Shahi Kings. Shah Khundkar to whom this tank was awarded as ‘Inam,’ was the son of Shah Muhammad (son of Shah Au), who was the Peshwa (Minister) of Sultan Abduilah Qutb Shah VII, and maternal grandson of lady Khanum Agha and a cousin of Sultan Abdullah VII.

The grave of Shah Khundkar as well as that of Khanum Agha are situated in the mausoleum of Sultan Muhammad VI, and his inscription begins with the same address of ‘His Exalted’ as that of Sultan Muhammad VI. These inscriptions were fixed in the top storey of the double—storeyed rectangular towers of solid masonry, which were on either side of the bund; the upper storey consists of a hall with three arched openings and a terrace facing the water tank.

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