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Hussain Sagar

Hussain Sagar, or the “Tank Bund” as it is commonly called, was built on a tributary of the Musi during the reign of Ibrahim Qutb Shah in 1562. The dam is fed by the Balkapur river which branches off from the Musi about 32 miles from Hyderabad. The l3und links the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad and is named after 1-lussain Shah Wali. Hussain Sagar Bund is one and a half miles long and covers an area of about eight square miles. On either side of the Bund, Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah built two sarais (rest houses). On the Secunderabad side there are four sluices to regulate the level of water in the tank. The construction and the supervision of the lake was entrusted to Hussain Shah, the son-in-law of Ibrahim QuIi Qutb Shah. He is still remembered as Hussain Shah Wali and his tomb is located on the Golconda-Bombay Road Capt. Fraser in his book “Our Faithful Ally Nizam” published in 1865, writes. “It was the practice of the ancient sovereigns of the Deccan to have, near their persons, a descendant of Khajah Bundenawaz Hossainee, the first or primeval Peerzadah of Goolburgah Shereef (or the holy), with a view to ensure the well—being and prosperity of the state.

On the occasion of the accession of Ibrahim Qutb Shah to the throne of the Deccan, His Highness sent for Khaja Hoossain Shawullee, and as the manners and disposition of the Peerzadah pleased His Highness, he was thenceforth ordered to be in attendance on His l-lighness,person. It happened one day that His Highness sent for the Peerzadah, and after extolling his high qualities and superior judgement, requested him to undertake the formation of the tank alluded to. The Peerzadah, in obedience to His Highness’ instructions, commenced preparations for the tank, which was completed in three years, seven months, and nineteen days, from the date of commencement. Rs. 2,54,636-12-3 were expended upon this work, but the tank was almost empty for four years succeeding its completion. His Highness having been disappointed, and his expectations unrealized with respect to the filling of the tank, directed a nobleman of his court, of the name of Khaja Nek Nam Khan, to cause a channel to be made from the River Musi to the Hoossain Sager Tank, in order that it might be filled. Nek Nam Khan accordingly cut a small channel, paying the expenses out of his own private funds, and succeeded, as an experiment, in bringing the water into the Hussain Sagar Tank.

When the Ameer had thus far succeeded, he intended to enlarge the channel, and make it a complete work, but unfortunately he died. One day His Highness went on a pleasure excursion to the Hoossain Sagar Tank, and inquired of the spectators what its name was. They replied that it was called “Hoossain Sahib Cherroo.” His Highness, indignant that his own name was not given to the tank, resolved that another should be sunk. His Highness, accordingly, on leaving the tank, proceeded to Ibrahimpatnam, where he marked out the outlines of a tank himself, in order that it should bear his own name.” In the 19th century, drinking water from Hussain Sagar was supplied to the Residency area but was discontinued after the commencement of regular water supply from Osman Sagar in 1921 On both sides of the tank are sailing clubs. The one towards Secunderabad, known as the Secunderabad Boat Club, offers facilities for yachting and is regarded as one of the best Boat Clubs in India. Towards Secunderabad, there are some graves on the Bund, one of which is popularly known to be the “Bund Protecting Saint”. Nothing much is known about these graves which could be of some officials who were connected with the building of the Bund.

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