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Samasthan of Jetprole

In the It was one of the most ancient and historic Samasthans in the Dominion. It is said that Pillalamarri Bethala Reddy was the founder of w’. only the Jet prok family but also the families of the Rajas of Bobbili in Ganjam District, Pittapore (now Pithapuram) in Godavari District, Malleswaram in Krishna District and Venkatagiri in Nellore District. Bethala Reddy was a feudatory subsidiary to the Warargal sovereign and it was in 1507 that the Samasthan received a ‘Sanad’ from the Emperor of Vijavanagar. Two centuries later, during the reign of Nizam Ali Khan Asaf Jah II Ban Gadupala Rao received a ‘Sanad’ in 1771 from the Nizam with a ‘Mansab’ of Rs. 6000 and the title of “Raja Bahadur”.

Subsequently on the death of Raja Venkat Jagannath Rao Bahadur his adopted son, the younger brother of the Raja of Venkatagiri. succeeded him. The young Raja was given the ruling power by the When he ascended the Gaddi’ he dropped his name of Navanita Krishna Yachandra and adopted that of Raja Venkat Laxman Rao Bahadur. The Raja was responsible for the repair of the old fort of Latchmanasagar and constructed several public buildings in the Samasthan.

The Raja was very progressive and he started an Anglo-vernacular school, teaching English, Urdu, Telugu, Persian and Sanskrit. He also constructed a race-course and several playgrounds in Jetprole. Mir Mahboob Ali Khan, Nizam VI, appreciated the Raja’s administration and on 28th December, 1905 he honoured the Raja with the title of “Nizam Nawazwant Bahadur”. The Raja died in 1929 leaving two daughters and his Rani. In I924 Kumar Raja Venkata Jagannath Rao adopted the grandson of the Maharaja of Bobbili of Madras Presidency.

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