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Mir Yousuf Ali Khan - Salar Jung III

Mir Yousuf Au Khan, the grandson of Salar Jung the Great, was the only child of Mir Laiq Au Khan. Salar Jung II. He was horn in Poona on 13th .1 une, I 889. Within a month of his birth he lost his father. In view of the great services rendered to I he State and to his dynasty by Salar .1 ung the C ireat. H is Highness M ir Mahhooh Au K han took the child tinder his personal protection and paid special attention to his education and upbringing.

At an early age he was sent to Madrasa—i—Aliya (Nobles School) which was founded by his grandfather. The education of M ir Vousuf Ali K han was of the greatest concern to H is Highness as he was groomed to he the Prime Minister of the State. The principal of the school regarded Yousuf Ali K han “a boy of exceptional brilliance who could compare favourably with the pick of the boys in the country”.

Salar Jung’s physical education also received special attention. He was fond of cricket, riding and tennis. From early age he was very fond of hooks particularly English and Persian. I-Ic was one of the most widely read among the nobles of Hyderahad and this is evident from the magnificent library in the Salar Jung Muset:m. The family estate or Jagir of Salar Jung comprised an area of about l48() sq. miles. The annual revenue from the Jagir was about Rs. IS lakh. After the death of M ir I .

aiq Ali Khan. Salar Jung II, the Niiam paid much attention to his estate and appointed a committee for its administration. To enquire into the finances of the estate, Ni,am VI appointed Rai Lalita Pershad in 1895 as the “Natim” under the control of the Revenue Secretary. M ir Yousuf Ali Khan was awarded the title of “Salar Jung” in a “durbar at (how Mahalla palace by Nitam VI. He was offered a place close to the N i/am to show his love and affection separate from other nobility. ihe death of M ir Mahhooh Ali Khan Niiarn VI in 1911 was a great shock and a personal loss to M ir Yousuf Ali Khan. In April 1912 M ir Osman Ali Khan Niiam VII invested him with full administrative powers over his estate. On 11th July 1912. when Maharaja Sir Kishen Pershad decided to resign as the Prime Minister, the Nitarn appointed Mir Yousuf Ali Khan Salar .

Jung Ill as the Prime Minister of Hyderabad. Ihis fulfilled the cherished desire of Mir Mahhooh Ali Khan, Ni,am VI who groomed him fr the day hut could not do so in his lifetime due to his untimely death. Salar .Jung was granted an official allowance of Rs. 7,000:— a month from the “I)iwani”. The news of Salar Jung’s appointment was welcomed in all circles. Hardly 24 years old then, he was called upon to hear the responsibilities of the high office. After a lapse of 27 years the prime ministership had come hack to the limily. It was a coincidence that the grandfather, Sir Salar .Jung the Great, also had become the Prime Minister at the age of 24. However, Salar Jung III was not destined to earn as great a name as that of his grandfather, as an id mitiistrator. Neertheless, Salar Jung took the government work seriously and introduced many reforms and progressive measures. However, for personal reasons Mir Yousuf Au Khan Salar Jung Ill relinquished the post of Prime Minister in November 1914 devoting thereafter his entire life to enriching his treasures of art and literature. It was his ambition to set up a museum. I—Ic visited several places in India, the (I. K.. Arabia and Persia.

The news of his love for art had spread all over the world. I-fe had agents abroad who sent him catalogues from well known antique dealers. [Ic also made purchases personally during his tour of Europe and the West Asian countries. Besides being a great collector of antiques, art ohpects and rare manuscripts, he patronised poets, writers and artists, and encouraged literary and cult ural activities. It is his labour of love of over tony years which finds concrete expression in the museum named afler him.

One of the last consignments of his purchase was a set of ivory chairs of Tipu Sultan of Mysore which was received only after his death. Wedded to his art collection Nawab Mir Yousuf Ali Khan, Salar .J ung Ill, died a bachelor on 2nd March. 1949 at the age of 60. lie left a legacy beyond all computation immortalising his own name and that of his family. The world—famous Salar .Jung Museum is the largest single—family collection in the world because some of the rare art pieces were from the collection of his father and grandfather. In the absence of any direct descendants, the Government of India appointed a committee to administer the Salar .Jung Estate. In l)ecemher 1951 the Museum was set lip in the “Di wan Devdi”, the residential palace of Salar Jung Ill, and in I96 it was transferred to the present building. Nawab Saheb’s motto was “My trust is in God"

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