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About the Family of Maharajas

In the The origin of the family traces back to Raja Todar Ma! who was the Finance Minister during the reign of Akbar the Great. They were ‘Khatri’ by caste and hailed from Lahore. One of the descendants of Todar Ma!, Rai Ma! Chand, accompanied Nizam-ul-Mulk to the Deccan and was appointed the head of the Customs and Excise Department by the Nizam. On his death, his son, Rai Laxmi Ram, became head of the Customs and Excise Department.

His second son, Rai Narayan Das, who died in 1776 was survived by two sons, Chandulal and Govind Baksh. Chandulal was born in 1766. His father, Rai Narayan Das, died when he was hard!y ten years old. He was brought up by his uncle Nainik Ram and well educated. Nawab Shamsheer Jung appointed him as one of the supervisors in his estate. His services were very much appreciated by the Minister, Arastu .Jah. Nawab Arastu .Jah recommended him to the Nizam, who bestowed on him the title of Raja Bahadur’ with a Mansab. He was posted to the Northern Circars in 1797 for the Peshkari’ of Shams-u!U mra’s Army. On the death of his nephew, Lakpit Ram, Raja Chandulal was appointed as the Head of the Excise and Customs Department. I)uring the reign of Nawab Sikander Jah, when Mir Alam became the Prime Minister, Raja Chandulal was appointed as ‘Peshkar’ and Finance Minister in 1806.

Later, when Munir-ul-Mulk was appointed as the Prime Minister the real authority was in the hands of Raja Chandulal. After the death of Munir-ul-Mulk, Raja Chandulal became the Prime Minister. For thirty years Raja Chandula! enjoyed power in the State as the virtual ruler until his resignation on 16th September, 1843. Raja Chandulal was paid for his official duties a commission of one anna o in proportion to the revenue of the State, which amounted to several lakhs annually.

After his retirement the Nizam granted him a iagir’, a gift of Rs. One crore and a monthly pension of Rs. 30,000/-. Nawab Nasir-ud-Daula bestowed on him the title of ‘Rajayan Raja Maharaja Raja Chandulal Bahadur’. Raja Chandulal died on 15th April, 1845, almost eighteen months after his retirement. He was survived by two sons, Bala Pershad and Nanak Baksh, and a daughter

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