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Safilguda Lake is a small lake located in the Malkajgiri area of Hyderabad. Safilguda Lake is also known by its other name as Nadimi Cheruvu.
The lake is quite in similar to popularly known ‘tank bund’ or ‘Hussain Sagar Lake’ so it’s referred to as mini Tankbund and the road adjoining it is quite similar to Necklace Road.

Safilguda Lake is a popular for jogging and evening walks for the local people.

Safilguda Lake is spread over an area of 5 acres and it was inaugurated in 2008 with a late conservation by the state government. There also exists a small park famously known as the Safilguda Lake Park open from 3 Pm to 8 Pm and the facilities like boating can be a pleasure for the people. Facilities on the edge of the lakes include parking, canteen, chairs to sit, dustbins, and good roads.

In the middle of the lake there is small island like formation with healthy growth of tree and you can spot migratory birds often but not in big numbers. Katta Misamma Temple is also located on this lake. Beside Safilguda Lake you can also find another lake by name Banda Cheruvu which is quite same in area.
This lake came into limelight after the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority was formed and identified with their objectives.

If one has to reach the Safilguda Lake one has to reach the Safilguda locality of Hyderabad.

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