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Mir Alam Tank


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Mir Alam Tank is 16 kilometers distant from Hyderabad. The nearest landmark to Mir Alam Tank is Nehru Zoological Park.
Mir Alam Tank of Hyderabad is a very popular tourist spot. Other than its beautiful surrounding, the construction of Mir Alam Tank attracts substantial number of sightseers to the place.
The unique feature of the tank is that the structure of the man made water body has 21 in-built small masonry dams. The masonry dams are semi-circular in shape. The nomenclature of Mir Alam Tank in Hyderabad betrays its origin to Mir Alam, the builder of the tank. The Mir Alam Tank was built during the early 19th Century.

At that timeMir Alam was the Prime Minister of the region. Mir Alam laid the foundation of the tank on July 20, 1804. It was completed in 2 years. According to historical documentary records, Mir Alam Tank was completed on June 8, 1806.
The Mir Alam Tank at Hyderabad is a marvel of engineering-consisting of a mile long bund with 21 semi circular arches. The complete architectural arrangement imparts a majestic look to the structure. Mir Alam Tank supplied potable, drinking water to the denizens of Hyderabad before more modern storage facilities came into existence. The water was so pure that the people took Mir Alam Tank water in containers before embarking on long arduous journeys
Location: Near Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad

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