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On the bank of the Vamsadhara River in Srikakulam district is a place that has been identified as Dantapuram, where a stupa was constructed to consecrate a tooth relic of the Buddha. The relic was said to have been transported to Srilanka several centuries ago.


Dantapuram a little village in Srikakulam region. It is a site of excellent spiritual and traditional importance. Known as Buddhas Teeth at Dantapura, the capital of the Kalingas. While historical Dantapuram went under into oblivion, Kandy gets a large number of visitors every month. Researchers believe it to be the capital of Kalinga Empire. Emperor Asoka fought Kalinga War in 261 BC. The term danta in Telugu terminology indicates Teeth. Archaeologists infer that one tooth ofLord Buddha was taken to Kandy in Sri Lanka from Dantapuram.

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