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Dhulikatta Dantapuram Chandavaram BuddhaVihara Thotlakonda Anupa


The stupa here is unique in that it is double-storeyed and located atop a hill. Located in Prakasam district, it is 150 km from the city of Vijayawada. The Chandavaram Buddhist site is located on a hillock known as Singarayakonda. Excavations have also uncovered viharas, votive stupas, coins since the Satavahana interval, identities in Brahmi, pottery in red and dark, and other beginning social artifacts that are traditionally informative.


The remains of a monastic complicated such as a Maha Chaitya with a dome 1.6 meters high and a drum 60 cms wide, a three-winged vihara and two other monasteries motivate awe in among the visitors. The organization has an large quantity of remains of Stupas, Chaityagrihas and Vihara buildings. The Chandavaram stupa is the first of its type in Andhra Pradesh and appears next to Sanchi Stupa, in its elegance and significance.

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