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Dr . Rathi V Iyer

Doctor of Indian Origin dedicates ‘to cure cancer in children’

Dr. Rathi V Iyer has spent 30 years in research and cure for sickle cell cancer in children, at the Children’s Cancer Clinic at the University of Mississippi Medical Center’s, Blair E. Batson Hospital for children. Sickle cell anemia is a serious condition in which the body makes crescent shaped blood cells ,that are sticky cannot flow through the veins, and they block the blood flow from organs causing pain and organ damage. The University of Mississippi Medical Center will be honoring her with Excellence award at a ceremony at the Mississippi Medical center on 5th August 2011.

Dr. Iyer’s dedication and passion is remarkable. She has served in Worcester City Hospital in Massachussetts, Detroit Medical Center and Children’s Hospital in Detroit.

Dr. Iyer was born into a family of humble educationist s and a product of Stanley Girls High School, Chapel Road, Hyderabad and a graduate from Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad. Though she aspired to be a surgeon, her choice to pursue Hematology Oncology has given her immense professional satisfaction. Dr. Iyers dedication to this special cause of caring for young sickle cell anemia and cancer patients is a matter of pride to all those who are near and dear to her and her perseverance is commendable.

Last Updated on : 21-May-2013

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