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Rajiv Trivedi (IPS)

Vijay Gummadiand Venu Donepudi, Two youth promise to revolutionize and professionalize car mechanical services

Two auto experts who had passion for the automotives Vijay Gummadi, 34 years and Venu Donepudi, 36 years chucked their jobs overseas and come back home to set up a nationwide network of world class, multi brand car care and servicing centres with a brand name CARZ. Vijay and Venu through their Carz are providing Car Care Services, Car Squad and Car Style services and promise that they would like to revolutionise the services like in some western countries.

Two centres at Hyderabad (at Jubilee Hills and Madhapur) are launched with an investment of Rs 2 crore. And over next five years they plan to set up 150 such centres across India. They are highly qualified. Vijay Gummadi did his Mechanical Engineering and Bachelor Degree in Automobile Manufacturing and Design.

The Carz team collectively possess over a 100 years of automotive expertise in India, North America, Europe, Mid-East in Executive Positions running some of the world's largest independent Auto Repair Franchises and Spare Parts Retail and Distribution Networks. They have also roped in internationally renowned automible experts on the board like 'Get-it-done' team leader Gary Vonk from USA and Dr. David Cole, son of Edward Cole, President - General Motors.

TECHNOLOGY and COMPETENCE are our catchwords. We are auto experts... we've serviced all Makes / Models of vehicles available in India. Maruti, Tata, Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, Mahindra, Ford, Skoda, General Motors, Mitsubishi... we've fixed them all.

We understand the nuances of all major automotive systems & variant technologies: Engine, Transmission (Manual / Automatic, Front / Rear wheel drives), Steering (Manual, Automatic), Suspension (Leaf / Coil / Wishbone / Stabilizer), Exhaust, Brakes (ABS / Non-ABS), Fuel Systems (Gasoline / Diesel / LPG, FI / MPFI), Electronics (Manual / Electronic Control Unit - ECU), Air Conditioning and more. Our technicians are equipped with the right special tools, up-to-date repair guides, electrical wiring diagrams, service interval schedules, On Board Diagnostic (OBD) scanners.

Now, look no further than CarZ™ for all your car service needs. In summary, rely on us to put you back safely on the road when you need it most. They claim proudly. We make one promise... to treat your vehicle as we would our own, they openly declare.

Further they say, we take an oath... to never compromise your vehicle performance and safety of its occupants. We guarantee our workmanship for 30 days. You can expect from us great service at a budget price, they assure their customers. Time is money. Spend them frugally. We understand busy schedules make both major and minor vehicle repairs hard to attend to, when the attention is needed most. No more dropping off your car at the mechanic shop, pleading with your boss to let you take off early from work or taking a day off, just to have your car in working condition again.

We provide convenient car service at your doorstep inform Vijay and Venu. Our service is multi-brand service under one roof. If you own multiple cars, why bother take them multiple places for service? Just because you bought them at different places doesn't mean they need to be serviced differently they question.

Save the run around for life's more unavoidable demands. Now, CarZ™ offers Multi-Brand Car Service to your Doorstep. CarZ™ delivers Professional, Qualified, Trained Car Service Technicians equipped with Modern Diagnostic, Repair Technology and High Quality replacement parts, they assure. That is not all. We have more services to offer which are not heard here before.

Our CarZ SQUAD's team of trained technicians come to your door and fix your car right while you watch. Clean, On-Time, Every Time at a Budget Price... that's our guarantee. Now, the CarZ™ SQUAD completes the repairs on your vehicle in a quick, efficient manner allowing you to spend your time doing what you enjoy most.

CarZ SQUAD offers oil and filter change, brake services, air conditioning services, tyre services, lighting and wipers, engine checkup and tune-up, belts and hoses, starting, charging and batteries, variety of minor mechanical and electrical repairs. Call on 9030247365 or 23606162 to avail this service. If home repairs can be performed for electronic appliances, gadgets and gizmos why not car maintenance repair and service at your doorstep or in your vicinity? And Vijay and Venu make us wonder why not. We have 35point checks. We just don’t do repairs, service and maintenance.

We offer a wide variety of services. We offer a variety of comprehensive vehicle checks depending on your need and climatic conditions. We offer Long-Journey Readiness Check, Summer Check, Winter Check, Holiday Season Check, Rainy Season Check.

These checks cover condition of electricals, mechanical systems, Tyres, Batteries, Fluids, Wipers, Horns, Belts & Hoses in addition to other vital systems. Ask your Service Advisor for the specific type of check you need, they advise. If you are a fleet or taxi operator, we realize your priority is to minimize downtime due to repairs and offer hassle free fleet management assure Vijay and Venu. If your company has a large fleet of vehicles of one or more brands, we are here to take on all your vehicle service challenges, letting you focus on your core business.

Do you have your fleet service history, schedule, and annual spending on vehicle maintenance at your fingertips? Now, CarZ™ offers you, the Fleet Manager with Systems, Data and Reports for efficient tracking & management of your vehicles, inform Vijay and Venu. Vijay, Venu and team also offer Car Wash, Interior Cleaning, Paint Restoration Polish, Paint Protection Treatment, Decarbonising services on customer request.

Last Updated on : 21-May-2013

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