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Neerabh Kumar Prasad IAS

Born :June 5th, 1964
Place of birth :Bihar
Identity No :01AP034600
Service :IAS, Andhra Pradesh(1987)
Nationality :Indian

Neerabh Kumar Prasad is the commissioner of Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) which has 7,100 km2 land under its jurisdiction, stretching right from ORR to the limits of HMDA.

They have plans of utilizing it for a complete infrastructure plan : residential complexes, commercial activity centers, focused IT areas, recreational areas and last but not the least social infrastructure (educational institutions, hospitals, etc.).

He said that land is being pooled in together by people (who own it for business purpose) for large scale IT development. He also mentioned that an Intelligent Traffic management System is being created which will give people information on the status of different roads (water-logging, traffic jam, etc).

Last Updated on : 16-July-2013

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