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Mr.SK Anjaneyulu

Trinethra Super Retail Limited, Hyderabad is a multiple outlet retail store network founded in 1986, operating in the twin cities of Hyderabad, Secunderabad and Vizag. It is in the business of retailing mainly edible / FMCG products. Started as a partnership in 1986, the firm was reconstituted into a Private Limited Company (1990) and subsequently converted into a Public Limited Company in 1998 under the name Trinethra Super Market Limited.

Trinethra (meaning three eyes), stands for the three friends, who are still on the board of directors of the company, but for whom it would not have been possible to start. It also represents the three religion of Hinduism, Christianity and Mohammedanism. In Indian faith,3rd eye also represents intuition, knowledge and all those embodiments which distinguishes a super man or a God from ordinary mortals. Mr. K Anjaneyulu is the Managing Director of the Company. Other members of the board are Mr.Gautham Koka, Mr.Narsi Reddy, Mr. Ranganath & Mr.Sobhan Prakash

In 2002-03 Trinethra's turnover was Rs. 78 crores. Turnover for 2003-04 is expected to be above Rs. 100 crores. Outlets cover Hyderabad, Sec'bad, Vizag, Vijaywada, Guntur and Rajahmundry. And more cities are getting added.Recently its name has been changed to Trinethra SuperRetail Limited commensurate with its ambition. Trinethra has two Warehouses at Bairamalguda and Kothapet in Hyderabad with a total space of 50000 sft. The warehouse at Bairamalguda also called Central Warehouse is a well designed functionally laid out facility covering 35000 sft. It has separate sections for storing various categories of items like Kirana stock, Kirana Processing, Finished Kirana items, Oils, Branded Items etc. It has trucks and vans to deliver and pick up stock, labeled bays, bins and racks for storage, handling and protective equipment are all in place. Over 9000 SKUs are stored in this warehouse at any given time.

A separate warehouse at Kothapet in Hyderabad takes care of procuring, grading, packing and dispatching perishable items like fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk etc on a day-to-day basis. At last count in November 2003 it had 65 stores spread accross Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Vizag, Vujaywada and Guntur and its 43rd outlet has recently been opened at Himayatnagar.

Last Updated on : 13-May-2013

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