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Mr. B. ParthaSaradhi Reddy

Managing Director: Hetero Drugs Ltd

Hyderabad-based Pharma company Hetero Drugs Ltd, A relatively young company in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is making rapid strides both nationally and internationally. Involved in the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished dosage forms, Hetero is one of the very few companies which have been able to carve a niche in the market given the present scenario where it requires intellectual strength, core competencies and the right vision for the future. Hetero has come a long way since its incorporation in the year 1993 to be recognized as a strong player in the field of pharmaceuticals, as a result of its combined strength in research, manufacture and marketing. With full-fledged marketing capabilities, the company has been able to market its products in over 80 countries in Asia, Middle-east, Eastern Europe and Latin America. With it's compliance to the most stringent regulatory requirements, Hetero has today gained foothold to market several of its APIs in the United States, Canada and Europe. With all six manufacturing facilities being supported by excellent infrastructure and compliance to the GMP requirements , Hetero has crossed numerous milestones in a comparatively small period since its inception. Hetero Drugs Ltd has been chosen by the Clinton Research Foundation as one of the four Indian pharmaceutical companies that would supply HIV/AIDS drugs to four African and nine Caribbean nations. HDL range of three drug combinations, namely 'Nevirapine', 'Lamivudine', 'Stavudine', were available at a price that AIDS patients in India could afford The spirit and brain behind the success story of Hetero is its founder Dr.BPS Reddy, a Scientist who started the company drawing immense strength from the vast and rich experience he gained during his earlier stint at the Laboratory where he was instrumental in developing and commercializing processes for several APIs .

The Company was started by him with with a vision to be recognised as an aggressive company that combines its strength of R&D and manufacturing with definite advantages in terms of cost and chemistry with a strong emphasis on Quality of the products. The untiring efforts of the Chairman saw Hetero develop processes for several products at relatively low cost, thus making it possible for several life saving drugs to be available at affordable prices, meeting all the Regulatory and Quality norms. With the organisation having reached a point where it is identified among the widely recognised companies, the Chairman is now focusing on giving new dimensions to the company in terms of exploring possibilities of further growth, exploring new horizons in the field of Pharmaceutical development and evolving strategies to take the company to greater heights.

Last Updated on : 14-May-2013
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