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Mr. K.C.K.A.Gupta is an industrialist having more than 40 years of experience in Manufacturing, Trading, Exports & Imports and Entertainment/Media. He is the Chairman of Ocean Park Multitech Ltd.He is the son of K. Seeta Ramaiah. Ocean Park Multi Tech Limited(OPML) has been developing new conceptual theme parks.OPML has been the front runner in providing amusement and theme parks to promote tourism and entertainment in India. OPML has been working hand in hand with the government for the development of Andhra Pradesh and the country as tourist center for the global community. OPML has received several accolades from the government agencies, industry and social organizations across the globe for their contribution for the growth of the tourism.

OPML Chairman modestly states,OPML strongly believes and strives to state ‘success of the OPML is the strength of India’. OPML is the forerunner in the field of Tourism Department. Its project Ocean Park which was launched in 1997 has become a household name and own of the best Tourist Distillates. As a recognition of Ocean Park’s contribution to Tourism, Ocean Park was awarded Tourism Excellency Award by the state of Andhra Pradesh.

It has also launched Snow World, The World’s Biggest and India’s 1st Snow Theme Park on Republic Day.Spread over 17,000 square feet area, on Lower Tank Bund Road, behind Indira Park, it is yet another landmark place in twin cities. It is project set up in collaboration with Tourism Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh.OPML aims to create top Snow Theme Park featuring (India’s first Snow Theme Park) with many fun rides and games, Snow View Restaurant and Indoor Go-Carting, 4-D Theatre. All these are first of its kind of activities, never available in India. OPML untiring Managing Director is in action to generate an endless saga of creating more and more exciting and new amusement centers to India and to Andhra Pradesh.

Last Updated on : 14-May-2013

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