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Mr.Gautam Chand Jain

Chairman & MD:Pokarna Granites Limited

Gautam Chand Jain,Chairman, Pokarna Granites Ltd actually converted sick units into profitable world class processing facilities for granite. A professionally-managed, blue chip company,Secunderabad based Pokarna shook up the world of Indian granite from the day it began operations one sunny morning in 1991. Instead of playing second fiddle to European companies, Pokarna stirred the Indian Industry into life and set the stage for an exciting clash of industries simply by delivering world class products at the most competitive prices.

Pokarna began with quarrying and supplying granite blocks to the world but soon diversified into processing granites to international standards and launched its range in the toughest markets around the globe ,including the Far East, Western Europe and most notably North America. Pokarna’s 35 plus varieties come from their own captive quarries as well as from other carefully-identified independently-owned quarries. They are processed in a state of the art manufacturing complex with the finest equipment from Italy, just 35 kilometers from India’s cyber capital, Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh.

A 100%export unit, Pokarna continues its philosophy of value addition through vertical integration. From raw granite blocks to processed granite to granite ties to exclusive boutique-quality granite decorative items, utilitarian products and novelties. Its clientele, not surprisingly, reads like a variable Who’s Who of architects, contractors, multinationals ,royalty and governments. From corporate headquarters In New York to residences in the French Riviera to places in the Middle East, the list is endless. The company keeps the nation’s flag flying high in the international arena at exhibitions after exhibition worldwide-in the US, Germany, Italy and of course on home turf in India. Quality, delivery, trust are the cornerstones of the Pokarna success story. Success that receives recognition and support from government and industry year after year. The company’s performance won it the prestigious awards of CAPEXIL (Chemicals &Allied Products Export Promotion Council ) as also the Special Export Award for 1999- 2000 -2001.

It also bagged the Best Export Effort in the state Award(1999-2000)from the Federation of Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce & Industry and the Best Export Performance Award and First in Granite sector in the state (1999-2000& 2000-2001) from the Visakhapatnam Export Processing Zone, confirming the top position in the Industry in the State. The Company’s growth is shared by shareholders of the Company through regular dividends and a bonus issue of equity shares. Employee welfare too assumes a very high priority at Pokarna Granite Ltd as does its commitment to the environment .The smiling faces, the hum of machinery round - the - clock round-the-year and the extensive landscaping around the manufacturing complex, all bear eloquent testimony to the corporate philosophy of its founders.

The Company is now poised for major expansion of its state-of-the-art manufacturing complex. Gleaming new generation machines from Italy promise to further enhance productivity, finish and product range. As it diversifies further, the Company has decided to change its name from Pokarna Granites Ltd to Pokarna Limited; reflecting more appropriately the size and the diversity of the emerging company, as it marches into the future. The company is listed and publicly traded at the Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd., Mumbai, Hyderabad Stock Exchange Ltd., Hyderabad, and also at The Madras Stock Exchange Ltd., Chennai.

Last Updated on : 14-May-2013

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