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Dr.Krishna M.Ella

CMD: Bharat Biotech International Ltd

City based Pharmaceutical giant, Bharat Biotech has the second largest biotech plant facility in the world with a capacity to produce over 100 million doses of Hepatitis B vaccine. It the first company in the world to perfect a technology that permits recovery of the Hepatitis B protein without the use of heavy metals and is also the First Biotech company awarded with two collaborative research grants from the Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India. The person heading this unique company is Dr.Krishna Ella,a Ph.D. from The University of Wisconsin, Madison and a M.S.,from The University of Hawaii. Dr.Krishna Ella has also won a lot of Academic Awards such as the National Research Service Award, Rotary Foundation (Chicago, Illinois) Fellowship, Indian Council of Agri. Research Fellow, University Gold medallist for highest C.G.P.A.,American Spring (ASPEE) Gold Medallist and also bagged the Rotary International prize

He has also been honoured with the 'Dr. K.C. Chatterjee Memorial Award' from the Indian Pharamaceutical Association, India in 1999.Had been the Member, National Task Force, Industrial Biotechnology in 1999.He was also the :Vice-President, All India Biotech Association, India(1999-2000).He is the Member- Pharma Task Force, Govt. of A.P About Bharat Biotech International Limited: Bharat Biotech International Limited, Hyderabad, India has taken up the challenge of providing premier health care products to the common man.The company taken the route of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology to achieve our goal of ensuring a healthy tomorrow. Established in the year 1996, the company is a torch bearer in the field of developing Next-Generation Vaccines and Biopharmaceuticals through original and collaborative research.

Its pioneering and incessant research led to the launch of Revac-B, the immensely effective Recombinant Vaccine for Hepatitis-B, the killer disease, in 1998. Its the world's second largest Hepatits B manufacturing plant with a capacity 100 million doses per annum, conforming to USFDA, UK-MCA & WHO standards. Its major Product is REVAC - B which is Second-generation genetically engineered vaccine developed in recombinant strains of yeast, indicated for vaccination against Hepatitis B.The Worlds first Cesium Chloride free (CsCl) Vaccine manufactured using the patented innovative in-house production process - HIMAX Technology. Contains highly purified HbsAg conforming to pharmacopoeia standards.Over 30 million doses dispensed. Bharat Biotech has also became the first Biotechnology company in the country and second of its kind in the world to manufacture and market Recombinant Streptokinase the primary drug for dissolving blood clots, a common occurrence during a heart attack. The Drug Controller General of India, the national regulatory authority for Indian pharmacopoeia, granted the commercial licence to BBIL on Thursday, August 14, 2003.

The company has bagged the National Award For Promotion of Biotechnology in the area of Medical Biotechnology- Vaccines and also bagged the National Award For Best R & D Efforts In Industry.

Last Updated on : 13-May-2013
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