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Genetic diseases wreak havoc in Khammam

Donnerstag, 15. Oktober 2015
Representational image
Representational image
Khammam: Seventy-nine students are suffering from sickle cell anaemia and eight are suffering from thalassemia in Bhadrachalam.
As part of a pilot project carried out by medical experts, 4,900 students from 27 educational institutions in the limits of Bhadrachalam ITDA were tested. 
There are 92 high schools, seven colleges and 13 residential schools in ITDA in Bhadrachalam limits where 34,606 students are studying. Blood samples of the students have been sent for testing in Khammam and also Hyderabad laboratories. 
Mr Ratnavali Kotapalli, founder of Thalassemia Society in Hyderabad said, “Studies which have shown that those who suffer from sickle cell anemia are malaria resistant. This is because their genes develop resistance towards the disease. There is no absolute conclusion on the same but it is one of the factors.”
Similarly, the increase in number of cases could be because of marriages within the same family. Dr H. Kishan, a senior general physician said, “Marriages in these belts are within the same family which could be one of the reasons for both these diseases. The disease is genetic in nature and is inherited. Thalassemia is a form of autosomal recessive blood disorder due to which the red cells get destroyed. Sickle cell anemia is an inherited form of anemia where the red blood cells are not healthy and they can’t carry adequate oxygen throughout the body.” 
There are a total of 2000 children registered with the Thalassemia Society in Hyderabad for blood transfusions, which are frequently required for these patients. The society provides care, education and other support to the family members to deal with the disease.
The current figures in the tribal area are just the tip of the iceberg as doctors state that results of all the samples of 28,500 students will give a clear picture of the exact prevalence in the region

Source: http://www.deccanchronicle.com/151015/nation-current-affairs/article/genetic-diseases-wreak-havoc-khammam

‘Bangaru Hyderabad’ attracts snatchers

Donnerstag, 15. Oktober 2015
The Irani gang busted by the Cyberabad police earlier used to target women in Bihar and UP
The Irani gang busted by the Cyberabad police earlier used to target women in Bihar and UP
Hyderabad: Gangs of chain snatchers from Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, UP and Maharashtra target women in Hyderabad because they wear more gold, and of better quality.
Gang members who have been busted admit that in North India, they have often ended up snatching fake gold ornaments. They thus consider Hyderabad as one of the best cities to operate in. After a couple of days here, they usually strike Bengaluru or Chennai before returning to their bases.
The Irani gang busted by the Cyberabad police earlier used to target women in Bihar and UP. But it was not worth their while. “The snatchers told us that if they targeted a woman in UP or Bihar, they might get a maximum of 5 gm gold. Also, very few women wear gold ornaments outside, so locating them was also difficult for them,” said LB Nagar ACP P. Venugopal Rao.
“Snatchers say that they can loot minimum of 30 to 50 gm of gold from just one victim (in Hyderabad). They thus can get a sizeable amount of gold and that too by targeting a few victims,” added the ACP. In recent cases of snatching, some women had lost 70 to 100 gm gold chains. “In the city, the minimum weight of a mangalsutra is 30 gram, which is why snatchers consider Hyderabad as their top target,” said another senior police official.
Irrespective of occasions, women here wear a lot of gold when they go out. “In two recent incidents, two women were targeted at KBR Park and Begumpet in the morning. Both women were out for morning walks, but they were wearing more than 40 gm of gold chains,” said a top cop.
In the KBR park incident, locals had managed to catch the accused. 
According to police the “Irani gang” move between Bidar, Gulbarga, Parli (Karnataka),  Katol, Loni, Amboli, Ghatkopar, Kalyan (Maharashtra), Hoshangabad, Pipariya, Bhopal (MP) and other places in avoid the cops after committing offences.
Three held for snatching
The Cyberabad police busted an interstate chain-snatching gang on Wednesday by arresting three youngsters who had robbed women recently in the city. The police recovered 975 grams of gold from the gang after tracking them down in their own states. Members of the Irani gang hail from Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Maharashtra. 
The arrested people are Fatheh Akram Ali, 23, from Nagpur, Hyder Akram Ali, 20, from Hoshangabad in Madhya Pradesh and Javed Ali, 35, from Muzaffarpur in Bihar. Two more suspects are absconding. Police officials said the gangsters are relatives and belonged to a place in Maharashtra, but lived in different parts of India now. 
Apart from gold the police recovered two bikes from the suspects. Officials said the total value of stolen goods is Rs 27 lakh

Source: http://www.deccanchronicle.com/151015/nation-current-affairs/article/%E2%80%98bangaru-hyderabad%E2%80%99-attracts-snatchers

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