"Let's Vote"

A Social Responsibility Campaign to Exercise the power of vote

Hyderabad|India|December'2008: Number of business leaders, professionals, and citizens across the city converged at KBR Park recently to support the “Lets Vote” Walk campaign jointly organised by TiE Hyderabad Chapter and citizens of the city.

“Vote” is a promise, a vow and a commitment to act as responsible citizens for the betterment of life around us. The purpose of “Let’s Vote” campaign is to raise awareness among citizens across the sections of our society to recognise and realise how important it is for each one of those who have not voted and promise to their inner self to Vote and play an active role in voting process.

JA Chowdary, President TiE Hyderabad, which is organizing the event along with the citizens of the city said “In our society, each of us has a certain level of social responsibility and we hold significant stake in making the world around us better. This responsibility encompasses a number of things; one of the most important commitments among them is to vote, which should not be disregarded.”

“Our mission is to make a paradigm shift in our attitude towards “Vote” and we like to invite the citizens to voluntarily come forward and participate and play an active role to strengthen this campaign. We also extend a warm welcome to the media to participate extensively and extend their valuable support to spread awareness among the masses and make this campaign a big success”. J A Chowdary added.

Dr. Ramesh Babu, President Elect of TiE Hyderabad Chapter said The "Lets Vote" walkis first of the series of campaignslined up in the coming days to build awareness among the educated masses of the society about the responsibility to vote as an equal stakeholder in a democratic society. The goal of the organisers is to increase the voting in AP by 5% in the next 5 years.

“It is a powerful way to express our aspiration, by a vote” Ramesh Babu added Voting is not just a right and a privilege, but it’s an obligation in every way but legally. It is our social responsibility and by engaging in it we can build faith in our decision to choose what makes our lives better.

The organisers immediate goal is to

  • Ensure that the Hyderabad-based industries educate their employees to register for voting before December 31st 2008
    • Share the mailer on the “Three Ways to Register your Vote” with all organizations
  • Educate existing voters who are employees in various organizations to exercise their voting right in the coming Municipal and General Elections
    • Brainstorm with industry leaders about flexi-hours on the election day
    • Share information with regard to the various polling booths, directions, etc.

And the Long-term goal is to:

  • Ensure that every employee has a voter ID card, along with a PAN card at the time of recruitment
  • Strive to increase the voting by 5% in Hyderabad by the next General Elections
  • Work towards moving to the other cities in India; Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag, etc. and improve the educated voters’ %
  • Work along with similar NGOs or other forums to carry the message across the country

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