Nurse Station
Now at your Neighbourhood

What is the NurseStationTM?
NurseStationTM is a place where your trusted Apollo nurse is stationed to help you with minor treatments and health emergencies. The nurse will also make house calls for those who require medical assistance at home, like patients recuperating after surgery, bedridden patients, pregnant women, etc.

Where is the NurseStationTM?
The NurseStationTM is located at most Apollo Pharmacy stores, which means, a nurse is available just 15 minutes away from wherever you stay. You can avail of the services at either the NurseStationTM kiosk at the Apollo Pharmacy outlet, or your home as the nurse is also available on call.

How are you benefited?
The objective of the NurseStationTM is to provide quick treatment in the most convenient way. The service is especially meant for the elderly who find it inconvenient to wait for long hours at clinics and hospitals for minor treatments and frequent checkups. It will also be greatly helpful for patients who find it difficult to move out of their house for treatment, like pregnant women, bedridden patients and patients recuperating after a surgery. The service will also monitor the status of people with chronic problems such as Blood Pressure, Diabetes etc.

Services at the Apollo Pharmacy
¤ Blood pressure monitoring
¤ Blood sugar check
¤ Vaccinations for children (Polio, Hepatitis, DPT, TT, etc.)
¤ Weight & height – BMI
¤ Insulin and other injections
¤ Counseling – On diet, medications, health tips
¤ Emergency dressing
¤ Booking Doctor appointments for Apollo Hospitals/Clinics
¤ Ambulance services

Services at your home
¤ Between 7 am to 7 pm
¤ Peritoneal-dialysis – Nephrology
¤ IV fluids for bedridden patients
¤ Regular dressing
¤ Care for pregnant women and infants

Currently Nurse Station service is available at select Apollo Pharmacies in Hyderabad – Andhra Pradesh

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