Drawings & Paintings Exhibition by renowned artists working in different media houses from 9-14th Dec

Hyderabad|India|December'2008: A Drawings and Paintings exhibition by renowned artists           K. Ramesh Babu (The Hindu), Chitra (Andhra Prabha), Sreechandra (Eenadu), Udaya Bhaskar (Eenadu), Bala Bhaktha Raju (Freelancer) working in various media organisation under the aegis of 5 Dimensions to be organised here in city at ICCR Art Gallery, Kala Bhavan, Ravindra Bharati. It will be formally inaugurated by the Chief Guest Padmasri Jagdish Mittal, Art Historian and Mr. Amar, Guest of Honour, Chairman of Press Academy on 9th December at 6 P.M.. And will be open till 14th December from 11 am to 7 pm daily.

The theme of this 6 days drawings and paintings exhibition is Ganesha. Ganesha is an artist’s delight. Veneration apart, the deity lends itself to be conceptualised in a zillion ways and artists revel in doing so. In fact, the pot-bellied God kindles the imagination of the artists to portray him in myriad ways. Be it on paper, canvas, wood, metal, terra-cotta et al Ganesha or Vinayaka, the lord of the remover of obstacles, one of the favourites from the pantheon, is represented in various manifestations. The elephant-headed god is depicted in various ways ranging from figurative to the abstract.

The five artists, holding this exhibition are bound by the theme of Ganesha. Barring Ramesh who sketches the deity in black and white, the other artists indulge in interplay of colours. Some of the imagery is interesting some of the forms intriguing.

Ramesh Babu thinks in black and white. The head of the deity is predominant in most of them. The vahana is conspicuous as it is placed on either one side. The detailing of each drawing is intricate. There is a certain amount of lyricism in both the sitting and standing Vinayakas.

Chitra paints somewhat colourful Ganeshas - abstract figures to some extent against a colourful canvas. Most of these images give the impression of being in the air - floating in a vacuum. The swirls of strokes in some cover the image to some extent.

Srichandra’s portrayals can be termed as decorative. For, the artist uses floral and leaf motifs all around the central painting of the God. The deity is mostly represented in the frontal view and in seated posture. One depicts Ganesha as Krishna standing and playing the flute! Two other interesting compositions include those using different-shaped leaves. Chandra has a geometric Ganesha too!

Ganeshas of Bala Bhaktha Raju are characterised by red tilak across the vibhuti on the forehead, the mouse (vahana) and a black serpent around the waist. Most of them are the conventional depictions barring one which has the veena in hand. They are in various hues and only one is coloured in blue in the head, while the legs are in white.

Udaya Bhaskar provides the ‘stained glass’ effect to his Ganeshas wherein he paints them in brown and red. While one is a full form, the other is a profile. His other depictions are vivid depictions and one of them, a multi-coloured work has just the head and trunk with tusks sans eyes.

There may be hundreds of artists and people painting Ganeshas or being inspired by Vinayaka as they feel an immeasurable freedom particularly in the contouring the shape of the deity. Vigneshwara is invoked first and his blessings sought before the worship of any God or the initiation of any event or activity. Expressing the God visually in art is also spiritual and creative activity for artists in India. For these five artists it is an ongoing process and they find an ultimate bliss in this journey with the God.

The exhibition is sponsored by Monsanto.

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